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Things are accelerating. Windows of opportunity open and close much more quickly, and the need for agility has never been greater. Strategy in high velocity environments demands a very different mindset that puts greater emphasis on the operating context, business architecture and organizational core competencies required to identify opportunities early, move quickly to meet consumer expectations and act decisively to address competitive threats.

• Strategic Foresight

• Corporate Strategy

• Product/Service Strategy

• Commercial Strategy 


Expectations are changing, as consumers and employees demand more for their time and resources. Design plays a foundational role in understanding and meeting those expectations. Our design services focus on understanding and framing the opportunity, designing the solution and working collaboratively to develop and deliver value.

• Design Research

• Service Design

• Experience Design

Product Development

Brand and Creative Services

Design Workshops /Training

Business Transformation

We are living in a period of extraordinary innovation and disruption. Businesses with the resilience and agility required to act on opportunities and reliably deliver value to their stakeholders will enjoy success, even in the most turbulent times. Our business transformation services focus on developing the people, culture and operating norms required for winning in a world where the pace of change is accelerating.

• Fostering a Culture of Innovation

• Agility & Corporate Resilience

• Post-Merger Integration

• Management & Leadership Development

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